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This paper provides a review of the concept of rhetoric.
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In this article, the writer notes that rhetoric has come to mean the spoken word, in particular those words spoken by politicians. The writer then discusses that a review of the history of rhetoric reveals that rhetoric is quite different from popular definitions. This paper reviews and critiques what classical scholars and philosophers like Cicero, Plato and Aristotle believed about rhetoric. Their view that rhetoric, ethics and philosophy are interrelated is also presented in this paper, along with the New Rhetoric and instructions on how to properly engage in formal communication, which is also an important aspect of rhetoric.


From the Paper:

"The bigger picture of rhetoric is nothing like the political polemics that play out during campaigns for president. Rhetoric is speaking and writing, hopefully intelligent dialogue or speech making and worthy written narrative. Rhetoric is also a way of healing what hurts inside the heart and the spirit.
"To wit, Payne's points are appropriate because everyone on the planet, no matter what language they speak, no matter the culture or continent, can understand failure. What many individuals do not understand, however, is how to use rhetoric effectively to dig out of the hole created by the failure."

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