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Review: Political Organization of Chichen Itza
This paper discusses themes in W. Ringle's paper, "On the Political Organization of Chichen Itza." Specifically, the authors looks at the leadership and worship of Quetzalcoatl in Mesoamerica.
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This paper discusses three general themes that are addressed in Ringle's "On the Political Organization of Chichen Itza." First, the paper explains that, in contrast to other authors, Ringle notes that worship of Quetzalcoatl is a primary means of Mesoamerican leadership and puts forth the fact that it is more properly viewed as a set of visual symbolism. Next, the paper explains that Ringle states that the ceremonial cores of specific larger cult centers served as a location for this investiture of leaders who wished to attach themselves to the cult. Lastly, it is surmised that Quetzalcoatl cannot be simply defined as a dynastic patron. Rather, leadership was often subdivided, with often some facet of dual leadership. The paper also analyzes the sources used within the work, the overall argumentative structure, and the fact that Ringle seems to contradict known theories on Quetzalcoastl worship instead of supporting them. The author the paper then ends his discussion with a personal reaction to Ringle's paper, stating that through Ringle's paper it can be shown that ritual is a powerful leadership tool, binding groups of people together despite disparate locations.

From the Paper:

"In addition, Ringle notes that the UTJ jamb figures have this ornament as well. Likewise, so do all of the figures that are facing the Sun Disk figure that are found on the three faces that are carved on the inner lintel. Ringle further supports his disagreement with Kubler by observing that heron-feather ornaments only occur in the upper registers of the LTJ and the NT. This, he surmises, is further proof that this is an indication of specific rank or segment of warriors who were under the command of the 'Mixcoatl' figure. In addition, the author reminds the reader that among the objects given to initiates in the Quiche chronicles were heron feathers.
"Lastly, Ringle brings to light the fact that in the UTJ there is only one person who is lacking the heron feather ornament. This figure is situated to the left of the table bench carving. Ringle theorizes that if he is the initiate, the individual may simply not have been given his ornament yet, in the depiction. This theory would appear to be further supported by the fact that twin heron feathers are floating just above and to the right of the initiate."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Ringle, W. 2004. On the political organization of Chichen Itza. Ancient Mesoamerica (15): 167-218.

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