Response to Hurricane Floyd Term Paper by Nicky

A look at the organizational structure utilized in response to Hurricane Floyd.
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This paper analyzes the organizational structure utilized during the response to Hurricane Floyd, which devastated North Carolina in 1999. The analysis includes a look at communications, management, leadership and followship, followed by a summary of the research. Additionally, it includes a review of relevant scholarly, popular and governmental literature related to the management of this natural disaster. Various problems, such as maintaining effective emergency communication during an evacuation is discussed. The paper also describes new technologies that help alert the public to emergency situations. Initiatives taken by leadership in the state following the disaster are also mentioned. The paper concludes by stating that the lessons learned from Hurricane Floyd will be applied to future emergency evacuation situations.

Review and Discussion

From the Paper:

"One of the most important - and frequently overlooked - needs during an emergency situation is communications. In the Age of Information, people take instant communications for granted, with virtually anyone else in the world theoretically being accessible by telephone, email, instant messages and so forth. When these communications assets are diminished or destroyed during a disaster, though, the ability of first responders and disaster managers becomes much more difficult and even impossible. The poignant images of thousands of citizens stranded in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina are ample evidence of this need for ongoing communication during and following a natural or manmade disaster. Indeed, it is not as if this need was not known prior to Hurricane Floyd, and steps had been taken at the national level to help provide as much warning as possible for those in the affected areas."

Sample of Sources Used:

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