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A brief paper on research designs and methodologies.
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Published on Jun 26, 2012 in Research Designs (General)

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The paper describes the types of variables that a researcher may want to study and discusses the differences betweeen random sampling and stratified random sampling. The paper then explores three types of pre-experimental research and looks at the three types of quasi-experimental design.

Levels of Measurement and Precision
Random Sampling
Pre-Experimental Research
Quasi-Experimental Design

From the Paper:

"There are many types of variables that a researcher may want to study. These variables are typically classified into the four levels of measurement (scales) namely nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. The nominal scale is the simplest of the four which divides the population into different categories (e.g. gender, nationality or original hair color). The ordinal scale is the same as nominal but with categories that can be arranged into a specific order such as socio-economic class (basically divided into the upper class, middle class and lower class). The interval scale is the same as the ordinal scale but the specific order (or ranking) of the variable measured has equal-appearing intervals. An example of which is temperature where the difference between 1 degree Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius is the same as the difference between 11 degree Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius. The ratio scale is the same as the interval scale but with an absolute zero measurement which signifies absence of the variable. For example, in measuring distance traveled, zero distance traveled means the entity stayed at its starting point the whole time; as opposed to the interval scale variable temperature, where zero degrees Celsius does not signify absence of temperature (but rather, freezing point temperature)."

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