Republicans and Federalists Term Paper by Nicky

Republicans and Federalists
An overview of Republicans and Federalists.
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This paper provides an historical explanation of the Republicans and Federalists, the visions of their leaders and an account of Madison's presidency. It also explains the main differences between the two and what caused the Federalists to die out.

Differences between Republicans and Federalists
Vision of Thomas Jefferson
Vision of Alexander Hamilton
Why Did The Federalists Die Out?
The Role of the War of 1812 and for Madison's Presidency

From the Paper:

''The Hartford Convention of 1814, unjustly accused of secessionist and treasonous intentions, was a setback from which the Federalist party never recovered. The Hartford Convention was a gathering of Federalist Party delegates from five New England states that met in Hartford, Connecticut, between December 15, 1814, and January 5, 1815. Its members convened to discuss their long-held grievances against the policies of the successive Democratic-Republican administrations of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
''After that, the party never regained a national following. Its beliefs and actions during The War of 1812 helped seal its fate. By 1828 the Federalists became the first American political party to die out because it could not adjust to an increasingly democratic national spirit, especially in the nation's towns and cities. And among most Americans, mainly farmers suspicious of government, its policies of strong federal involvement in the economy kept it un-popular. Inconsistency in its stance toward military action (first undertaking a naval war with France, then treating for peace with that same nation, then actively opposing war with Britain) made the Federalist Party's true intentions suspect and laid it open to charges that it had no polices of its own and was not willing to defend the country's interests.''

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