Renewable Energy and the Looming Energy Crisis Term Paper

Renewable Energy and the Looming Energy Crisis
A look at the possibility of an energy crisis and available alternatives.
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This essay discusses several problematic issues concerning the use of non-renewable energy resources as well as the potential alternatives to its use. It discusses the investments being made in new technology and how the population needs to be made more aware of ways to reduce their demand for energy.

Situation Analysis
Investing in the Development and Implementation of Renewable Energy Technology
Reducing the Demand and Consumption of Non-Renewable Energy
Increasing Conservative Transportation and Housing
Increasing Public Awareness of the Looming Energy Crisis
Final Analysis

From the Paper:

''In the United States of America, there are looming concerns regarding the use of non-renewable energy resources such as natural gas, coal, and oil that were once considered to be the life blood of this nation. These concerns include the present and prospective effects that the over reliance on such energy resources can or may have on the environment, economy, and thus the security of this great nation. The current looming energy crisis is not a completely new phenomenon, for in 1973 the members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) enacted an embargo on oil exports to the United States as a result of its support for the state of Israel during the "Six Days War" (Bezek and Wendling 132). This embargo caused a shortage of the energy supply and thus a rise in the cost of energy. Consequently, the American consumer was compelled to cut expenditures while seeking new ways of conserving energy leading to an economic recession.''

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