Renewable Energy Term Paper by Nicky

Renewable Energy
A discussion about the importance of developing renewable energy.
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This paper makes a strong call for the US to develop alternative energy resources to fossil fuels, focusing on renewable energy. First, the paper gives a background to the many issues involved in foreign oil dependence, especially political issues. Next, various alternatives to oil are outlined, including options such as natural gas. The downside of oil is further discussed in light of it not being a renewable resource. The remainder of paper is devoted to a discussion of clean energy. This includes the many advantages to developing clean energy, such as the jobs it would create, lowering energy costs, economic benefits, decreased security issues, and having a clean environment. The paper concludes with the assertion that clean energy is an investment in our future.

From the Paper:

"Compounding the problem of foreign oil dependence is the fact that oil is not a renewable resource. Some observers believe we reached peak oil in 2005 (Pickens, 2008). This means that oil production is declining; consumption continues to rise. Moreover, most of the world's proven reserves - and all of its good ones - have been discovered. New oil that is exploited now is more difficult and more expensive to reach than the reserves we are currently tapping. The world's current oil reserves may only last another hundred years before they are completely spent. In order to maintain our current standard of living, we will need to develop alternate fuel sources."

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