Remote Sensing Term Paper by Peter Pen

Remote Sensing
A look at the many applications of remote sensing, including the areas of agriculture, forestry, and urban development.
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This paper discusses the history and uses of remote sensing. The paper specifically focuses on how remote sensing is used in agricultural applications from row crop to forage management, but also discusses its application in the fields of forestry and urban development. The paper looks at how remote sensing can be an invaluable resource for many business and professionals and how it has become a large part in how many people conduct their business. The paper concludes that remote sensing technology has evolved greatly over the last 30 years since the launching of the first space remote sensing satellite. One would believe that in the future, there will be many more advances and applications of this highly advanced technology to improve our knowledge of the earth. Several color images are included with the paper.

Table of Contents:
Applications of Remote Sensing in Field Crops
Remote Sensing in Other Applications

From the Paper:

"Remote sensing can be very useful for many applications. It provides a unique perspective of from which to observe large regions. Remote sensors can measure energy at wave lengths which are beyond the range of human vision. (ex., microwave, ultra-violet, and infrared wave lengths.) This energy, called electromagnetic radiation, is emitted in waves that are able to transmit energy from one place to another. For example, this paper, plants, animals and air are reflecting and emitting a wide range of electromagnetic waves. Remote sensing is possible from nearly any site on earth."

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