Reconstruction of Florida After the Civil War Term Paper

Reconstruction of Florida After the Civil War
A description of the momentous social and economic changes in Florida after the Civil War.
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This paper examines some of the drastic changes that happened in Florida after the Civil War as a result of the abolition of slavery and the advent of industrialization. The writer explains how, after the devastation brought about by Civil War battles, a bitter battle for equality began and though laws were established to regulate the educational needs of the newly freed African Americans and grant them voting rights, their education reform was controlled, they were banned from carrying guns in some cities, and they were often harassed when they wanted to exercise their right to vote. The paper concludes that even to this day the battle for equality continues and not everyone takes advantage of the rights that so many had to fight for.

From the Paper:

"It was a nightmare for the residents of the southern states. They were forced to come up with a way to revitalize the work force around them. This was going to take a lot of effort from both the men and women. Wives were no longer able to just sit at home with the children. They had to contribute in the household and make ends meet to keep their children alive. For any troops that were injured in the Civil War and survived, they had a tough time keeping their families supported. Once the wounded troops went back to their home states they were faced with a grim reality. They did not have the life they had before they went off to fight against the Union troops. Their small towns were not as developed as the northern portion of the United States. Many of the people that lived in the south started to wonder how they were going to rebuild."

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