Re-Imagining Airport Security Term Paper by Nicky

An examination of three major components of airport security in order to plan a new airport.
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This paper discusses how airport security continues to receive a great deal of attention from a variety of scholars and how engineering principles must be tempered by psychological realities when confronting the task of maintaining security, and this is accomplished through a variety of methods. The paper further examines how the personnel hired, technologies utilized, and even the structure and layout of the airport are all essential to its security and how the effective integration of these various systems is the only way to ensure the continued safety of airline passengers.

Security Personnel
Structural Layout and Design
Passenger Screening
System Integration
A Word on Freight

From the Paper:

"While the safety and security of airline passengers and other individuals in the airport is of course the paramount concern, passenger/customer delays and discomfort must also be minimized in order to ensure the continued use of an airport and air travel in general. Though it would be theoretically possible to completely hand-search every passenger and every piece of luggage entering an airport and/or airplane, the extra time that this would require at even a relatively small airport would be prohibitive to most prospective travelers, and at large airports could require showing up days in advance of a planned departure. The financial requirements of such security measures would also be enormous and would need to be offset by astronomical increases in ticket price, again prohibiting travel for many. Design, then, must be undertaken from a perspective that seeks to streamline security measures while increasing their efficacy."

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