Rational Choice and White Collar Crime Term Paper by Jash84

Rational Choice and White Collar Crime
This paper covers some recent research into white-collar crime and ties it in with the rational-choice theory of crime. This paper focuses more on the causal aspect of white-collar crime than on the outcome aspect of it.
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This paper discusses how the existing stereotype of a white-collar offender as a high-ranking executive may be flawed. The demographics of white-collar offenders suggest most of them are middle-class white males. It looks at the theories as to why such people would commit these crimes and explains that most theories center on the rational-choice decision making process because of the protracted and diligent nature of white-collar crimes. It further discusses how, within the white-collar inmate community, there also appear to be two separate pathways to white-collar crime: one marked by previous run-ins with the law before turning to white-collar crime, and the other one marked by no run-ins with the law.

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"White-collar crime has gained increased notoriety in recent years with the downfall of Enron, WorldCom, and insider trading by Martha Stewart. Despite its increased awareness in the public, its etiology is not well known. One of the main reasons for criminologists' naivete regarding white-collar crime is the lack of scientific research on the topic. The relative lack of data arises from an array of political, sociological, penological, and funding issues. The data that is available to researchers indicates that the existing stereotype of white-collar crime offenders is flawed."

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