Radical Islamism and Al-Qaeda Term Paper by Nicky

Radical Islamism and Al-Qaeda
A look at the domestic and worldwide terrorist threats against Western interests posed by Muslim extremists and al Qaeda.
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The paper examines the roots of radical Islamism and the goals and objectives of al Qaeda. The paper discusses the counterterrorism effort to deal with al Qaeda and describes how many of the manifestations of terrorism fall squarely within the parameters of civilian law enforcement authority. The paper points out, however, that even the best-designed law enforcement response to the current radical Muslim/al Qaeda terrorist threat requires military readiness and response to eliminate the terrorist training facilities and the international weapons black market.

The Roots of Radical Islamism
The Goals and Objectives of al Qaeda
Dealing with al Qaeda Appropriately

From the Paper:

"This is understood even in the West where many analysts hold differing views on the specific reasons that militant Islamic radicals have such hatred for the West and for the United States in particular. According to some observers, militant Islam has no interest in the way Westerners live their lives in this part of the world, provided we do not interfere with Middle East affairs through our foreign policy. In that view, Islamic radicals do not hate us because of who (or what) we are, but only what we do in their lands (Scheuer, 2004). Other Western observers believe that view is naive and that while radical Islamists certainly do hate us because of what we do, they also hate us for who we are because the typical Western way of life if offensive to God and to good Muslims regardless of where it occurs in the world."

Sample of Sources Used:

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  • Scheuer, M. (2004). Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror. Washington: Brassey's

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