Racism and Xenophobia in the US, UK and Japan Term Paper by Botchan

Racism and Xenophobia in the US, UK and Japan
An examination of the historical, institutional and cultural aspects of racism and xenophobia in the US, the UK and Japan.
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This paper examines racism and xenophobia in the developed world, focusing on the case studies of the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. It takes a varied approach, looking at the issue historically (slavery of blacks in the U.S.), institutionally (the police forces in the US and the UK) as well as culturally (Japan's internalized racial hierarchy pyramid and the UK's '2007 Celebrity Big Brother' television show). It finds that even in the most developed countries of the world in 2007, racism and xenophobia are not only present but are institutionalized and, often, insidious. The paper discusses what needs to be done to help eradicate the problem of racism.

From the Paper:

"Giddens defines racism as "the attributing of characteristics of superiority or inferiority to a population sharing certain physically inherited characteristics". 'Xenophobia' literally translated from its Greek origin means the fear of strangers"and, in modern times has come to mean fear of people from (certain) other countries. 'Racial discrimination' is the differing treatment of people from a certain race by the majority population and may be either positive or negative."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Giddens, A. (1997). Sociology. Cambridge [England], Polity Press.
  • Romanucci-Ross, L. and G. A. De Vos (1995). Ethnic identity: creation, conflict, and accommodation. Walnut Creek, CA, AltaMira Press.

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