Racial Segregation in the Church Term Paper by Peter Pen

Racial Segregation in the Church
An examination of the reasons for racial segregation in the church looking at it from a Biblical, sociological and ethical context.
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The paper will examine the reasons why during the time of the American Civil Rights Movement, African-American religious integrity was challenged through segregation, racism, church participation and religion. It also looks at the possible solutions to segregation, specifically the changes made by Martin Luther King Jr. The first section of the paper explains segregation in a Biblical, sociological and ethical context. It examines religious limitations that were place on the African-American society, as well as the violence directed at it. Finally, the paper questions why the church was reluctant to participate in desegregation.

From the Paper:

"How is segregation justified through the Bible? It is not when it is motivated by hatred. The story of Noah's son has nothing to do with race and the curse of Babel was for sin. The Bible separates people by faith and believer. Race, national origin, wealth, and education are not scriptural and mock Christ and his love for all people. Jesus wants us to come to him and when churches refuse to allow Christian blacks to worship in their church, it becomes a serious problem in our country's psyche and Jesus' sacrifices. This issue becomes more alarming through denying blacks the right to vote, ending discrimination in public places, the right to free association with any man, equal enforcement laws and adequate education. Blacks at this time did not receive these rights and were seen as dumb and dishonest. The affects of slavery help salvage the attitude and the progression of blacks a problem as they saw whites as cruel, dishonest and selfish."

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