Racial Segregation and Brown versus The Board of Education Term Paper by scribbler

Racial Segregation and Brown versus The Board of Education
A look at how racial segregation played out in the case Brown versus The Board of Education.
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This paper presents an overview of racial segregation in the US and its impact on the infamous Supreme Court case, Brown versus The Board of Education. The paper first traces a historical look at race relations in the US, quoting Thomas Jefferson and then describing the emancipation of slaves. Then, the paper highlights reconstruction and how society responded to the newly freed slaves. This includes a discussion of racial segregation which was imposed on African-Americans, despite their being free. The paper also points out how Blacks had to constantly fight for their civil rights. Next, the paper considers this unfortunate history in light of the segregation case Brown versus The Board of Education. It notes how the Supreme Court found that separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. The paper concludes by stating that this case was a step in the right direction, giving African-Americans encouragement to pursue to civil rights.

From the Paper:

"Reconstruction should have been a time to rejoice and celebrate for blacks in the South. But that was not the case. Blacks suffered immensely at the hands of severe racial differences that plagued the country and had sharpened with the proclamation. The administration did little or nothing to ease the transition process. Frederick Douglass expressed his disappointment in these words: "You say you have emancipated us. You have; and I thank you for it. But what is your emancipation? When the Israelites were emancipated they were told to go and borrow of their neighbors--borrow their coin, borrow their jewels, load themselves down with the means of subsistence; after, they should go free in the land which the Lord God gave them...But when You turned us loose, you gave us no acres. You turned us loose to the sky, to the storm, to the whirlwind, and, worst, of all you turned us loose to the wrath of our infuriated masters." A long series of struggles began when reconstruction failed to make the dream of liberty come true. Voting rights were not yet granted to blacks and to make matters worse racial segregation had not been abolished in schools and other departments."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Dr. Howard O. Lindsey, "A History of Black America", pg. 34-35
  • Benjamin Munn Ziegler, ed., Desegregation and the Supreme Court (Boston: D.C. Heath and Company, 1958) 78-79

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