Race and Inequality in American Public Schools Term Paper by scribbler

Race and Inequality in American Public Schools
A discussion on the inequalities in the American public school system, based on Kozol's 1967 book, "Death at an Early Age".
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Published on May 01, 2013 in Education (Social Issues) , Sociology (General)

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The paper offers an overview of Kozol's 1967 book, "Death at an Early Age", and discusses the rampant disparities that exist in American schools based on class and race. The paper looks at how Kozol describes his first year of teaching, which took place in the Boston public school system, and at how he recounts the deeply entrenched policies of racial segregation and inequality. The paper then discusses the ineffective role of corporal punishment in use today in the Boston public school system and addresses the need for a curriculum that is culturally relevant to the students. Finally, the paper discusses how the issue of race is relevant in American society and schools, since we still harbor the notion that we must be separate. The paper concludes that separating races in a diverse and pluralistic society not only does not prepare students for life in the outside world, it gives them a sense of a society that simply does not exist - in the media, or in reality.

From the Paper:

"One of Kozol's gifts is his ability to describe children in a way that humanizes them to a point in which the reader cannot help but feel empathy. For instance, Stephen is a typical example of one of the disenfranchised students that were so typical of the school. He is tiny, unwell, and looks at the world in desperation. He appears to be unsocialized and lonely, and carries on conversations, sometimes sad- sometimes humorous, with himself. He is unable to perform at grade level, but had very little consistent instruction during his 3rd Grade. Now that he is in 4th he is, generously speaking, at least two years behind. Yet no one complains because Stephen, like many of the students at this school, has no parent to care - they are wards of the state or live with a caregiver who is not all that interested in their academic and social progression (Chapter 1). For Kozol, though, the real issue is the dichotomy surrounding the responsibility of the public school system to provide a fair and equal education, and the manner in which it "gives up" on some students. It was more typical for teachers to react in a totalitarian and dismissive manner to students like Stephen, than to, as Kozol suggests, take the time and energy to help them before it is too late. To examine what is they can do well, reward that, and build forward."

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