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Quebec Nationalism
An overview of the nationalist movement in Quebec, Canada.
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This paper examines the past of Quebecois nationalism and Canadian federalism. The paper discusses Hydro-Quebec as a symbol of the 'Quiet Revolution,' and as such a signifier of the increasing awareness of the importance of political power as an expression of Quebec nationalism. The paper focuses on the rise of contemporary Quebecois nationalism and proposes asymmetrical federalism as the solution to preserve the Canadian union.

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"During the first half of this century French Canadian nationalism was anti-statist, rural and focused on conservative and Roman Catholic traditions. It was personified by Abbe Groulx. His nationalism linked history and society, Church and state, and his roles as priest, educator and historian. His nationalism envisaged an island of French Catholic culture, secure in its connection to the land and its past, in a sea of Anglophone Protestants.
"In the 1950s intellectuals began to question this image of Quebecois nationalism. Frustrated by the crypto-fascist Duplesseis regime they questioned the paranoid, inward-looking and still rural and Roman Catholic elements of Quebecois nationalism. According to Philip Resnick before 1950 the provincial government in Quebec, was far less interested in using the state as an instrument of social and economic development in Quebec than in fending off extension of federal government authority.
"During the Quiet Revolution francophone Quebecois, intellectuals began to express demands for use of the state as a tool to sustain and strengthen francophone identity. This political awakening affected both federalist and separatist Quebecois."

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