Pursuing Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Term Paper by y6h66

Pursuing Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement
An examination of current practices in law enforcement, its challenges and its role in the criminal justice system.
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This paper discusses law enforcement and justice as currently practiced, changes in law enforcement since September 11, 2001, the challenges facing law enforcement, and predictions for the criminal justice system. The writer provides a personal definition of justice, as well as examples of current practices that demonstrate justice can sometimes result in an injustice. Three challenges to law enforcement are discussed and suggestions made for the handling of these challenges. The last part of this paper contains predictions for the law enforcement system.

Definition of Justice
Current Practices
Law Enforcement after September 11, 2001

From the Paper:

"Law enforcement on a local level serves in a variety of law enforcement areas, including patrol in radio/computer equipped vehicles, patrol business and residential areas for prevention of criminal activities; enforce state and municipal laws/ordinances, respond to calls involving assaults, fights, domestic disturbances, and other criminal activities. Other duties also include conducting arrests, questioning and transporting suspects, processing of suspects into jail, preparing incident reports, securing and processing crime scenes, testifying in court proceeding, and presenting evidence / sworn testimony regarding the case, as well as responding to various civil complaints."

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