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Public Policy Implementation
An analysis of public policy in theory and in practice.
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The first part of this paper defines the concept of public policy and explores how public policies are developed and implemented. The author discusses the various stages involved before a policy can be implemented and the difficulties entailed in implementation. In the second part, the author examines the practical side of public policy in a detailed analysis of Saudi Arabia's educational system and the challenges of reforming and modernizing it through public policies due to the religious nature of traditional education.

Theoretical Aspects
Public policies in the educational system in Saudi Arabia
General Overview
Public policies in the educational system in Saudi Arabia

From the Paper:

"Finally, due to the fact that Saudi Arabia is a rich, yet instable country, it is important to see the reasons for the lack of coherent public policies, as there are both winners and losers at the political level. In this sense, at least in the educational system, the conflicting political forces in the country tend to have a big influence over the framing of a reliable and adequate policy which would eventually lead to a reformation of the system, as intended by the current ruling Royal Family. The current debates focus especially on the differing views of the Wahhabis, which represent the religious authority in Saudi Arabia, and the Royal Family, which tends to identify itself with the trend of modernity and reformation in the country."

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