Prospective Payments by Medicare Term Paper by MAG

Prospective Payments by Medicare
A discussion on the rationale of reimbursement systems with respect to prospective payments in the Medicare system.
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The paper discusses the prospective payment system developed as a quality comparison tool in order to address the increasing costs generated from the Medicare system. The paper relates that the federal government introduced the prospective payment plan into the Medicare system and that under this system, hospitals are paid a pre-determined rate for each Medicare admission.The paper then discusses the effectiveness of the payment system and highlights the strengths and weaknesses. The paper concludes that the prospective payment system has withstood the test of 22 years and its strengths and weaknesses will continue to be debated but according to government standards, it has been an effective system.

Effectiveness of Prospective Payment

From the Paper:

"The Prospective Payment System is a way for spending to be curbed within the private sector (Tieman, 2003). Hospitals and healthcare facilities are given incentive to be efficient and cost-effective (Coulam and Gaumer, 1991). When the Prospective Payment System was implemented, there were strongly held expectations among promoters and skeptics (Coulam and Gaumer, 1991). Promoters of the policy hoped that payment reduction would be matched by lower levels of spending through a reduction in lengths of stay, a reduction in the intensity of care, and therefore, more efficient hospital operations. "

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