Presidential Cabinet Term Paper by Nicky

Presidential Cabinet
A look into the workings of the Presidential Cabinet.
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This paper explains in detail, the set up, operation and the importance of the Presidential Cabinet. It provides a brief history of its existence and some examples of how previous Presidents have set the tone according to their needs.

Meaning and Role of the Presidential Cabinet
How the Cabinet is Formed
How the Cabinet Influences Decisions
What Departments are Represented on the Cabinet and Why?
The History of the U.S. Cabinet
Presidential Cabinets and How They are Utilized

From the Paper:

''Cabinet secretaries are, of course, responsible for administering their departments and representing departmental interests within their policy areas. Their public responsibility is typically issue-specific. A cabinet secretary speaks for a presidency regarding the policies proposed and implemented by his or her department. These policies may be cross-cutting, to be sure , but not even a cabinet secretary who is a close friend of the president is likely either to expound or be listened to on issues outside his or her departmental jurisdiction. Below the level of the president, more general cross-cutting discussion or exposition is likely to come from White House staff, possibly the chief of staff or the director of the Office of Management and Budget (Jones).
''Secretaries oversee some of the most important departments of the U.S. government, including the departments of State, Defense and Treasury. Cabinet secretaries are appointed by the president and then must be approved by the U.S. Senate. Before the Senate votes to approve the president's appointments, the potential Cabinet members appear before members of the Senate to answer questions (''

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