Political History of Chile 1930-2000 Term Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

Political History of Chile 1930-2000
An overview of political influence on a South American country immediately following the Great Depression.
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Published on Mar 28, 2010 in History (Leaders) , History (Latin America) , Latin-American Studies (General)

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This paper traces the history of dominant political rulers in Chile beginning with Colonel Ibanez in 1927 to Chile's adoption of Democracy in 1932 to 1973 when the country fell under leftist military leadership. Important Presidents discussed include Alessandro, Juan Antonio Rios, Alfredo Duhalde Vasquez, Eduardo Frei Montalva, and Pinochet.

From the Paper:

"One significant introduction Ibanez made was creation of the carabineros, a military police that was to mark Chile's political development and also bring infamy to the Chilean regime. The middle class supported Ibanez' expansion of the central government, until he fell out of favor in the Great Depression. The League of Nations reports Chile as suffering the worst from the international economic collapse caused by the Great Depression. When Ibanez fell out of favor in 1931, he went into exile in Argentina to escape demonstrators protesting his economic handling and oppressive rule.
"Interestingly enough, the era of 1932 to 1973 was remarkable in Chile because it was the only Latin American country to sustain electoral Democracy while Marxist parties led workers. The stable multiparty system was more similar to Western European models than Latin American models of government at the time."

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