Police Brutality and Excessive Force Term Paper by Patrick55

Police Brutality and Excessive Force
An analysis of the prevalence of police brutality in society and different ideas that have been implemented to prevent it.
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Police brutality is defined as the excessive use of physical force, assault, verbal attacks, and threats by police officers. This paper discusses how police brutality has existed as long has law enforcement has been around and how many different tactics to prevent it have been instituted. In particular, the paper looks at the public's perception that police misuse and abuse their power, citing the Chicago disturbance of 1919 and the Los Angeles riots following the controversial Rodney King trial as examples.

From the Paper:

"There are many different reasons to why police brutality exists, one of them which is commonly used by police departments, is the "bad apple paradigm". This reason for brutality is often used by departments because it alleviates most of their responsibility for the brutality because they can simply blame that individual and say that it is an isolated incident caused by a bad apple. Criminologist and Author David Friedrich once said "Police work is likely to attract at least some individuals who enjoy bullying others or join the force with the intention of exploiting special opportunities to enrich themselves. At one time this was the most widely accepted cause of police brutality, but within recent years, research has proven otherwise. Profiles of officers that had used excessive force were examined by psychologists and what was discovered, is that there was such a wide range of profiles that it did not support the 'bad apple' stereotype."

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