Plato's Republic and Soviet Russia Term Paper by Nicky

The paper examines the society described in Plato's Republic in relation to the now defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
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Plato's Republic postulates a perfect society with strict hierarchy and class system and no room for sociopolitical mobility. This paper claims that, according to the stated principles of the Soviet Union before its dissolution, it closely resembled the description of the ideal state contained in the Republic. The writer contends that an examination of the Soviet Union in practice, however, illuminates many of the problems created by the Soviet Union's deviations from their and Plato's stated principles, and also flaws in Plato's ideal state.

From the Paper:

''To begin with, it is necessary to describe Plato's ideal state and the setting of this description in The Republic. As Ross notes, in most of Plato's ''mature'' philosophical works, Socrates is used to give voice to Plato's ideas (Ross, 2004, 2). In The Republic, Socrates is speaking with several other people when the issue of justice comes up. The ten books that comprise The Republic are almost entirely concerned with the issue of defining justice and proving that it is preferable over injustice. The entire discussion of the city-state, in fact, comes up as an analogy that Socrates (as characterized by Plato) uses in an attempt to illustrate how justice operates on an individual via the three-part soul also used, as Ross points out, in the Phaedrus (Ross, 2004, 8). The three parts of the soul are reason, spirit, and desire, and every individual has all three parts in varying degrees of dominance. The city-state described in The Republic also has three sections or classes, each one corresponding to one of the parts of the soul.''

Sample of Sources Used:

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