Photography and the Camera Term Paper by Nicky

Photography and the Camera
A look at the development of photography and the camera through the years.
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Published on Aug 15, 2010 in Art (Photography)

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The paper looks at the history of and innovations in photography. The paper describes the first camera obscura, the development in photography processes and the production of Kodak cameras. The paper also discusses the inventions of color photography, slide film, instant photos, compact cameras and digital cameras. The paper provides a timeline of the evolution of photography and then looks at new and imaginative schemes of image creations, such as pinhole cameras, x-rays to cut through objects and photograms.

History and Innovations of Photography and the Camera
The World's Firsts in Photography
Potentials/Projections of Digital Photography
Alternative Processes and Techniques

From the Paper:

"Photography has gone a long way in recording and visualizing natural phenomena, with the camera as the device. Both have evolved through the centuries.
"The precursor was the camera obscura in the 1700s. The first photograph was taken in 1835, the first patent for photography awarded in 1840. The first photo advertisement was produced in 1843. Two processes in the early 1800s were by Dagerreo and Fox Talbot. The term "photography" was coined. George Eastman set up his company, which produced and sold Kodak cameras. The cine-camera or color photography was invented. James Clerk Maxwell introduced color photography. Kodachrome slide film was invented and color prints were developed. The instant photography system and compact cameras came forth. Then the first digital camera was created. Other innovations were the first 35mm camera, the Twin Lens camera, and the instant-picture camera. The Polaroid Model 45 was the world's first instant picture camera. Then, the first true digital camera, the Fuji DS-1P, entered the scene."

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