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Philosopher John Locke
This paper discusses the impact of John Locke's philosophy on the modern-day, North American governments of Canada and the U.S.
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The paper begins by exploring John Locke's biography as means of providing a better understanding of why he developed the philosophies that he did. It continues by presenting his philosophies, views on government, obligation of revolution, state of nature, and man's reason for establishing government. Lastly, the paper discusses the influence of John Locke's philosophy on modern North America. Specific examples are drawn out from Canadian and American constitutional documents to show the impact that John Locke has had on North America.

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"As long as people have been able to think and reason, all sorts of different ideas, philosophies, theories and arguments have circulated in society. Some have been good and many have been bad and useless. The good ones have remained known and respected in societies throughout generations and have unsurprisingly impacted the way people live and think. The theories of one particular philosopher by the name of John Locke have had an everlasting impact on modern day North American politics and government. This will be proven through the analysis of John Locke's biography, his political theories, and the influence of his philosophy on the nature of the rule of government in the U.S and Canada."

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