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Periodontal Disease
An exploration of the link between periodontal disease and other illnesses.
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The paper presents the thesis that periodontal disease should be seen in the context of overall body health and that more attention should be given to the ways in which this disease impacts other ailments and diseases. The paper identifies the central cause of this disease and the types of periodontal disease. The paper concludes that there is a growing body of research that suggests that periodontal disease affects other illnesses and can exacerbate diseases such as diabetes.

Description and Overview
Types of Periodontal Disease
Impact on Overall Health

From the Paper:

"Periodontal disease has different degrees and stages of severity but can result in loss of teeth in the later more severe stages. However, what is disturbing is that this disease is becoming more prevalent in our modern 'developed' societies. (Albandar, Brunelle and Kingman, 1999) Even more disturbing is the fact that the link between periodontal disease and other illnesses are often not detected or given sufficient attention. There is little doubt that a long term pervasive gum infection leading to periodontitis can affect the immune system and general health."

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