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The paper examines the concepts of perception and attention as they relate to cognitive thought processes.
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Published on Aug 22, 2012 in Psychology (Social) , Psychology (Theory) , Communication (Theory)

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The author of the paper contends that perception and attention are part of the human cognitive process. In the paper, the writer examines both of these concepts in detail and, breaks down and examines the perceptual organizational processes, analyzes the attention process and attempts to explain the unique relationship between perception and attention whilst providing specific examples of that relationship.
Defining the Concept of Perception
The Perceptual Organizational Process
The Concept of Attention
Visual Attention
Auditory Attention
Analyzing the Attention Process
The Relationship between Perception and Attention

From the Paper:

"Cognitions exist as the mental processes carried out by humans daily (Robinson-Riegler & Robinson-Riegler, 2008). These mental processes include the concept of forming perceptions from information obtained about percepts and the concept of attention. Perceptions form as a person organizes and interprets the incoming information gathered from the attention process that involves focusing sensory devices, such as eyes and ears, onto a particular set of information details, such as the colors of a beach ball or the sound of a fan blowing. Both perception and attention possess specific processes to function and process the gathered information for behavioral outputs. The following defines both concepts in detail, breaks down the perceptual organizational processes, analyzes the attention process, and explains the unique relationship between perception and attention, providing specific examples of the relationship."

Sample of Sources Used:

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