Patient Safety in Healthcare Term Paper by Nicky

Patient Safety in Healthcare
A brief look at how information technology can impact patient safety in healthcare settings.
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The paper discusses how patient safety errors occur at every level of the healthcare industry and then shows how information technology can help reduce medical errors. The paper looks at how digitalization of records help make patient records more accessible and easier to read, and at how risk management software can actually lower the number of errors associated with patient safety.

From the Paper:

"Technology, in the form of digital patient records and communication, could help prevent these communication gaps by preserving all the patient's information in electronic form, so there are no gaps or forgotten communications, it is all recorded in the patient's record and accessible to any department in the healthcare facility. In addition, with electronic records, there would be no question about dosage amounts, medications with similar sounding names, or other patient safety issues, because the record would be digital, rather than handwritten, so it would be far easier to decipher. Of course, there could be data entry errors in the digital format, but they would be far fewer than with handwritten medical records, which can be filled with errors and indistinguishable handwriting, which can often lead to errors in medication, dosages, and other communication errors."

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