Organizational Behavior - Walmart Term Paper by Nicky

Organizational Behavior - Walmart
A look at the organizational behavior at Walmart.
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Published on Nov 15, 2011 in Business (Companies)

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This paper analyzes and assesses how Wal-Mart succeeds or fails in implementing the concepts of organizational behavior. First, the paper defines the term "organizational behavior." Then, it presents an overview of the company, describing its operations as a successful retailer in the US, but pointing out its failure in Europe. Next, the paper presents criticism of Walmart, the most acerbic being that executive managers will go to unethical lengths in order to reduce costs. It also examines criticism of working conditions and treatment of employees. Despite these negative accusations, the paper indicates that Wal-Mart has successfully managed to create a strong organizational culture. The paper concludes by noting that information from the company and its supporters argues that the retail monolith is extremely triumphant in implementing organizational behavior strategies, whilst its disclaimers argue the opposite. An illustration is included in the paper.


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From the Paper:

"Critics of Wal-Mart point out that the company is struggling to implement the lowest possible prices in order to attract as many customers as possible. While the company does not deny this, the critics take one step ahead and argue that executive managers will go to unethical lengths in order to reduce costs. Some of these immoral actions include the import of products of questionable quality and in unsanitary conditions or the offering of poor customer services, including barely existent security - the stores are filled with security in order to ensure that thefts do not occur, but the parking lots are unsupervised; employees and customers were robbed, injured or even killed in the Wal-Mart parking lots. Another means of saving costs is that of placing a reduced emphasis on the employee. Training and motivation are kept at a minimum level in order to make cash economies (Wal-Mart Watch, 2009).
The company however presents a different side of the story and argues that they make sufficient investments in training and motivating their staff members. A motivational factor is for instance constituted by the morning cheer, a joyful commencement to each working day that will lift the spirits of the employees and generate enthusiasm. "

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