Operant Conditioning and Conditioning A Child's Behavior Term Paper by Nicky

Operant Conditioning and Conditioning A Child's Behavior
This paper looks at the use of operant conditioning to change a child's behavior.
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Published on Aug 01, 2011 in Psychology (Behaviorism) , Psychology (Child and Adolescent) , Psychology (General)

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This paper examines the utilization of Skinner's methods of reinforcement, known as operant conditioning, to make desirable changes to the behavior of a child in a grocery store. The writer gives examples from Skinner's experiments and examples of how parents try and teach children how to exercise appropriate behavior in given situations. The writer discusses the use of both positive and negative reinforcements in achieving the desired results.

From the Paper:

"When the child cries in the store, the parent will rebuke the child, and inform the child that there will be consequences, if the behavior persists. This is an example of punishment in operant conditioning terms: the parent uses harsh words to silence the child. Or, the parent may use the technique of 'extinction,' that is, ignoring the child until he or she ceases crying. Good behavior on the part of the child is rewarded, either with praise "you're such a good boy" or with another type of reward pleasing to the child. For example, the child may enjoy helping the parent, and allowing the child to pick out produce or to help make choices about the week's meals may act as a positive reward for good behavior."

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