Of Lambs to the Slaughter Term Paper by EL

Of Lambs to the Slaughter
This paper discusses the righteousness of God.
# 4719 | 3,700 words | 12 sources | MLA | 2001 | US

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This paper analyzes whether there is a good God or whether things are good only because God says they are. This paper gives examples throughout the Bible and contemporary literature on this topic as well as philosophical and sociological arguments regarding this religious question.

From the Paper:

"It is an old question, though some would suggest a largely semantic one. "Is the good good because God approves of it, or does God approve of the good because it is good?" Or in other, older words, which is greater -- the righteousness of a man or the righteousness --the holiness-- of God. There are three essential ways to approach the question, and they render answers of entirely different authoritative natures. The orthodox thinker can say with some bravado that he has a definite, entirely scriptural response. The humanitarian, the secularist, and the philosopher can find themselves in a bind approaching the idea, which eventually finds itself ending not as a question about the nature of good, but rather about the nature of God. The third approach, which it is unfortunate more people do not explore, is to deny the existence of the question. This response simple says that the question cannot be answered because it is nonsensical, making no more sense than to ask, in a Seussical manner, "Is Binting Binting because a Binterdingis Bints, or does a Binterdingis Bint because Binting is Binting?" But for the moment, let the reader assume that there is a difference between the God and the Good, and that both exists -- at least in the minds ands texts of the mass of humanity."

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