Obesity in Society: Its Costs and Solutions Term Paper by scribbler

A discussion on the costs and challenges associated with obesity in the workplace and in society at large.
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This paper discusses the societal costs of obesity and focuses on the unsustainable cost of American healthcare for overweight and obese individuals. The paper then describes the specific challenges faced by the overweight in contemporary society as well as the various solutions that have been proposed to address this national health crisis. The paper suggests that ultimately, resolving the national overweight and obesity crisis will require a greater focus on the early education of sound nutritional principles and the necessary resources and incentives to help adults of modest means make better nutritional choices for themselves and their families.

Background and History of the Problem
The Societal Costs of Obesity
Specific Challenges Faced by the Overweight in Contemporary Society
Discrimination Issues in the Workplace
Possible Solutions and Conclusion

From the Paper:

"Overweight and obesity have become a tremendous national health problem in the United States. The widespread transition from manual labor and travel by foot to sedentary work, private vehicles, and public transportation during the 20th century greatly reduced the amount of physical activity levels in many adults. At the same time, American dietary habits shifted heavily toward fast foods and junk foods, especially among children (BCG, 2004).
"By the first decade of the 21st century, approximately one-third of the American population is either clinically overweight or obese and those rates are increasing by more than 7 percent annually (BCG, 2004). Those conditions are directly associated with the highest incidence of various other serious human diseases among the population. As a result, overweight and obese Americans account for a substantially larger portion of national healthcare spending. Some educational institutions and employers have made efforts to address the problem, such as through physical fitness and exercise facilities and programs and through providing healthier nutritional choices in their cafeterias (BCG, 2004)."

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