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Nuclear Warfare
A brief look at nuclear weapons and the threats posed by this type of warfare.
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The paper relates that while France, England, China, India and Pakistan possess nuclear weapons, only China and Russia pose a serious nuclear threat to the United States. The paper describes an obvious and traditional scenario of a nuclear attack and then deals with the prospect of terrorist acquisition of weapons. The paper also reveals that the collapse of the Soviet Union has resulted in the possibility that many nuclear weapons could be in the hands of religious extremists and other terrorists.

From the Paper:

"In August of 1945, in the waning days of World War II, the world entered the nuclear age. "On August 6, an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later, another atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. On August 14, 1945, Japan agreed to an unconditional surrender to the Allies, thus ending World War II" (Rhodes 1995). With just two relatively small nuclear warheads, the United States killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians. In the years that followed, the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in an arms race in which they frantically produced thousands of warheads much more powerful than the ones dropped on Japan."

Sample of Sources Used:

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