New to Windows 7: Snap, Libraries and the Magic Folder Term Paper by ASJenkins

New to Windows 7: Snap, Libraries and the Magic Folder
A brief review of three new features of interest in the Windows 7 operating system.
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Published on May 21, 2013 in Computer and Technology (Software)

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The paper explains that Snap is a productivity feature that allows a user to resize or reposition open windows quickly by snapping them into place with one movement of the mouse, and libraries serve to aggregate content from various local and network locations into one location. The paper then looks at the Magic Folder gadget and relates that it is a 3rd-party tool designed to de-clutter default downloads locations, such as a user's desktop, by moving and sorting files based upon preconfigured or customized settings. The paper shows how Windows 7 is a great edition in the Windows desktop series, and is full of many new features that strive to make things a little easier.

From the Paper:

"With the arrival of each new version of the Windows operating system, it is fully expected that a plethora of new features will be included. Windows 7, the most recent desktop OS from Microsoft, is no different. New additions to the feature offerings include Snap and Libraries. Windows 7 also includes a revamped gadgets platform - a carry-over from Vista. A large number of gadgets can be installed or activated, but one in particular, the Magic Folder, will be highlighted in this presentation.
"The Snap feature in Windows 7, often grouped with the similarly monosyllabic Peek and Shake, "allows you to resize or reposition a window by dragging it to the edge of your screen" (Palmer and Walters 98). The feature works in a few different ways depending on how you drag an open window. As Microsoft's website explains it succinctly, "you can make it expand vertically, take up the entire screen, or appear side-by-side with another window" (Snap). Instead of having to manually resize windows, which requires multiple clicks as you stretch to desired proportions, Snap requires just one click. Simply click the window's title bar and drag in one of four directions. Drag to the top of the screen, and the window maximizes. Drag to the bottom, and the window reverts to its original size."

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