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An overview of the human's neurological pathways.
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This paper describes the different pathways in the human body that help us feel sensations and emotions. It also explains how different parts of the brain are associated with language development and how stress can affect all neurological functions.

Sensation and Perception
Perceiving and Producing Emotions
Role of Stress on Neuroanatomy and Behavior
Neurological Nature of Language Production
Language Aphasias

From the Paper:

''Language production is controlled by the Broca's area which is responsible for constructing sentences and using proper syntax. The Wernicke's area of the brain controls how we as individuals process or comprehend someone else's sentences. Both of these areas work together with regard to language production and language comprehension, but when one area is damaged it will have an effect on the other area (
''Aphasias can happen when there is trauma to the brain. Some examples are expressive or Broca's aphasia where the individual has trouble putting sentences together. The words may come out with no type of order or meaning to them. Another example of aphasias is receptive or Wernicke's aphasias. Individuals experiencing this form of aphasias have trouble understanding when others are speaking to them. Sometimes, a figure of speech is taken as literal. Another type of aphasias is called global aphasias. This is where the individual affected has trouble forming sentences as well as comprehending what others are saying ( Knowing which type of language aphasias a patient has can help physiological psychologist to better understand how to communicate with the individual. There are several guidelines to communicating with each type of aphasias and the physiological psychologist must know what type he is dealing with so that he can know which method to use.''

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