Nazi Resistance within Germany Term Paper

Nazi Resistance within Germany
An essay on the different Nazi resistance groups within the areas occupied by Germany during WWII.
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This paper takes a look at the various Nazi resistance groups in Germany during Hitler's reign. The author describes these resistance groups, formed by members from a variety of social backgrounds, such as students, Catholics and even people from the military. Each resistance group had its reasons for protest. The paper lists these reasons and also discusses their effectiveness in changing Nazi policies. The author also documents several assassination attempts on Hitler's life and explains how the bravery and courage of these people have freed Germany of Socialism.

Catholic Resistance
Resistance among Students
Communist Resistance
Resistance from within the military
Important People of Resistance Group
Assassination Attempts on Hitler
The First Assassination Attempt
The Aeroplane Assassination Attempt
Suicide Bombing Attempts
The July 20 Plot

From the Paper:

"World War II was the most destructive event in the entirety of human history. Adolf Hitler and his national socialist regime sparked the war with their aggressive expansion of German territories. The ensuing conflict spanned from September 1939 to April 1945 and claimed the lives of over sixty million people worldwide. Approximately one tenth of those killed during the conflict were Jewish civilians, who were victims of the Nazi attempt to exterminate all Jewish ethnicities. Because of its hostile actions, the Nazi Regime was opposed not only by the allied military forces, but also by resistance groups comprised of members from a variety of social backgrounds within the areas occupied by Germany."

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