My Personal Values Term Paper by Nicky

A discussion on how this writer's identity as a Persian-American and Muslim-American has had an enormous influence on his values.
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Published on Mar 30, 2012 in Sociology (Multiculturalism)

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The writer describes how as a Persian-American Muslim he has integrated many different perspectives and influences into his personal values. The writer discusses the sources and definitions of his values and how they have developed as he has lived and progressed through the American culture.

My Culture: Persian, Muslim, American
My Values: Sources and Definitions
Values in Transition

From the Paper:

"Personal and cultural values have an enormous impact on an individual's perceptions and ways of interacting with the world and society around them. Meaning is essentially arrived at through interpretation, and it is the lens of an individual's values that largely determines how information being received will be interpreted. In this way, two people with different sets of personal and cultural values could see the same incident or situation in two markedly different ways, depending on the particular values that each held. Even more importantly, the choices individuals make can be seen as a direct result of the values and beliefs that they hold, and this in a very real and comprehensive ways values actually help to define identity. Without our values, in other words we simply wouldn't be who we are.
"In a homogenous society, where the basic cultural values are largely the same, personal values would also probably far along similar lines. When the same sets of beliefs an attitudes are encountered day in and day out in such a society, the individual cannot help but have their own perspective and values influenced by those found in the society around them."

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