My Ecological Footprint Term Paper by Nicky

My Ecological Footprint
A discussion of the ecological footprint in general and this student's in particular.
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The paper explains the limitations of the ecological footprint that measures how much harm an individual does to the planet. The writer, although he disagrees with some of the calculations of the ecological footprint, considers his personal ecological footprint scorecard and reveals that his eating habits were the worst offenses. The writer relates what he could do to make better food choices and then addresses the issue of recycling. The writer does note, however, that trying to find the best way to live a sustainable life, and live in an imperfect world, remains a challenge.

From the Paper:

"When I first learned that my ecological footprint was calculated at 4.7 planets, I was upset. I have been trying to use the resources around me in a responsible manner, but according to this calculation, my lifestyle was nowhere near what would be defined as sustainable, either for myself or much less my children. An ecological footprint is defined according to environmental scientists as "how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resource it consumes and to absorb its wastes, using prevailing technology" (Footprint Basics - Overview, 2009, Footprint Network). Another way of thinking of this is how much harm an individual life does to the planet that cannot be undone."

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