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Multiculturalism in Canada
An analysis of the value of the government's multicultural policy in Canada.
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This paper critically examines the complexity of negotiating cultural differences in Canada in the context of multiculturalism. It outlines the origins of the government's multiculturalism policy and discusses the criticism of the policy in practice. The paper argues that while the policy has undeniably been of value in supporting a multi-ethnic society in Canada, it has also often served to accentuate cultural differences rather than provide a mechanism for bridging these difference.

Table of Contents:
The Beginnings of Multiculturalism
Negotiating Difference: Multiculturalism's Discontents

From the Paper:

"In this analysis, it is clear that multiculturalism has been flawed both conceptually and in its practical implementation. This being said, however, the question of its ultimate effectiveness must be decided in its favour. As even its critics have noted, official multiculturalism policies actually costs the Canadian government only about $30 million a year; a cost that is far outweighed by its benefits for the Canadian body politic (Bissoondath 1994). The reality in Canada today is that while racism and prejudice remain concerns, Canada has never developed the ghettoes nor the apparently intractable racism that seems to be a constant of United States society. Instead, while Canadians do not always communicate well across cultural/racial boundaries, the toxicity and hatreds that may be encountered in other societies do not seem to be relevant here (Fleras 1992). As a result, it must be concluded that while multiculturalism is not perfect, it has yielded considerable benefits in easing tensions and promoting some degree of understanding in our complex, multi-ethnic society."

Sample of Sources Used:

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