Money Laundering Policies in the UK and US. Term Paper

Money Laundering Policies in the UK and US.
Compares the effectiveness and appropriateness of money laundering policies in the UK and USA.
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This paper explains that money laundering is a crime in which the origin of money that came from unlawful activities, such as terrorism, drug abuse, organised crime and financial corruption, is concealed. Next, the author describes the effectiveness and appropriateness of the UK and USA money laundering policies. The paper concludes that these policies, which are similar in structure and in function, are highly effective and have brought down the levels of money laundering in these countries.

Table of Contents:
United Kingdom Policies against Money Laundering
Money Laundering Policies in the United States of America
Comparison of the Appropriateness and the Effectiveness of the Money Laundering Policies in the UK and the US

From the Paper:

"United Kingdom plays a very vital role in making decisions that promote anti money laundering finance practices mainly because London is one of the main financial centres. The UK has a sophisticated anti money laundering architecture that involves the regulatory, criminal and the civil law. The three main structures that are responsible for combating money laundering in the UK are the government, financial system authority and the joint money laundering steering group. The role of the government is to define the criminal offences and create regulations that combat money laundering."

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