Middle East Community Development Term Paper by Nicky

Middle East Community Development
A look at developing the Middle East, with an emphasis on Egypt.
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This paper examines the importance of developing the infrastructure in the Middle East, focusing on US interests on boosting Egypt in particular. The paper begins by describing the current economic situation in many Middle Eastern nations, noting the paradoxes that exist between being resource rich yet impoverished on many levels. Next, it analyzes the rationale behind the United States' interests in seeing developments in the Middle East, both on an altruistic level and economic level. The paper then discusses Egypt and how its development would benefit the US. Various aspects of developing Egypt are cited, such as economic reform, investments in communications and third, investments in physical infrastructure. In particular, the paper notes the role of the Nile in giving Egypt the potential to develop. The paper concludes by describing Hands Along the Nile Development Services, which has already managed to improve the quality of social services as well as other issues, all to lead to improved living conditions.


Importance of Development to the United States
Emphasis on Egypt

From the Paper:

"Saudi Arabia for instance exports mainly petroleum and petroleum based products, which constitute an estimated 90 percent of all of their trade commodities. The U.S. represents their largest export partner, with the largest share of 17.1 percent petroleum going to the North American country. While the palette of exported products is vaster for Pakistan and includes primarily textiles, rice, leather, chemicals and manufactured items, the situation is similar in the meaning that the largest portion of their products (18 percent) goes to the United States, which is their largest export partner. It could also be argued that the United States is interested in seeing developments in the Middle East as the region represents a destination for the American products. While this is true and the American manufacturers do export some of their commodities to the Oriental market, the actual percentage to U.S. revenues is reduced. The Pakistani markets for instance only import 5 percent of all their sold goods from the United States (Central Intelligence Agency, 2009). Consequently then, it can be concluded that the main economic interest is that of developing the region that offers access to cost effective and abundant natural resources."

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