Microeconomics and the Property Market Term Paper by write123

Microeconomics and the Property Market
An analysis of microeconomics and property rights and how the two relate to each other in today's housing market.
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Published on Aug 10, 2008 in Economics (Micro) , Law (Property)

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This paper discusses microeconomics as it relates to the property market, particularly in the realm of property ownership. The paper begins by defining microeconomics and property rights individually and then relates the two to each other. The paper then identifies constraints in housing market behavior and looks specifically at the housing market situation today in the United States.

Table of Contents:
Property Rights Overview
Microeconomics Overview
Microeconomic Aspects Of Property Ownership
Constraints In Housing Market Behavior Identified
Microeconomics In Today's Housing Market

From the Paper:

"Other factors include falling housing prices which are noted by Barber to have been "falling at a 16 percent annual rate..." and as well Barber relates that these prices are expected to continue their decline meaning that "homeowners will build little or not equity throughout he duration of plans like this...the study shows that under these plans, homeowners will get to keep their house, but will be paying 85 percent more than if they rented a similar property." (Barber, 2008) The potential for equity being accrued in the home with falling prices and subprime rates and ARMS with variable interest in the terms of the mortgage. The problem is that a likelihood exists that taxpayers will pay approximately $75,000 for "each homeowners who stays in their home." (Barber, 2008) Barber indicates that "particularly problematic" are the decline in prices in the housing market."

Sample of Sources Used:

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