Mexican Revolution: Causes and Implications Term Paper by Nicky

A review of the causes and impact of the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920.
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The paper discusses how the Mexican Revolution primarily involved agrarian reform and a class of political elites who had their own ulterior motives in mind by encouraging the uprising. The paper then shows how the revolution had an enormous impact on the country's peasants, landholders and social order. The paper concludes that the legacy of this turbulent period in Mexican history has affected the nation's economic and social development ever since.

Review and Discussion

From the Paper:

"The origins of the Mexican Revolution, though, were much more distant in the past than the contemporary events that set the war in motion. According to Markiewicz, the revolution's origins date to the Spanish Conquest of Mexico in the 16th century when land was becoming transferable, and any excess agricultural production was required to be turned over to the ruling elite rather than being used for community purposes. While the peasants managed to hold on to some of their lands, the Spanish the Spanish started to acquire land that belonged to Indian communities at an increasing rate (Markiewicz)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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