Mexican Drug War Term Paper by Nicky

An exploration of Mexico's battle against the drug cartels.
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The paper describes the Mexican drug cartels and their effects on the Mexican public and also looks at the widespread corruption of Mexican police and the threats and intimidation by the drug lords. The paper examines how the government has pressed the national military into the battle against the drug cartels and explains why only a coordinated approach involving the active participation of both the governments would be effective in controlling these drug cartels and drug related crimes. The paper argues that it is in the interests of the US government that Mexico remains a stable and flourishing democracy.

Mexican Drug Cartels
Effects on the Public
Police Corruption
Military Intervention
Mexico - US (A coordinated Approach)

From the Paper:

"Mexico is bogged deep in a drug battle. Mexico, one of the major producers and the largest drug suppliers of cocaine, marijuana and met amphetamines to the United States, is experiencing a crisis situation. As much as 90% of all cocaine entering the US market comes via Mexico. [Colleen W Cook] The rising number of crimes and drug related criminal activities have created a total chaos in the law and order situation of the country. Also more than 60 US citizens have been kidnapped in Nuevo Laredo, in drug related incidents in the recent years. The increasing power of the drug cartels and the conflict between these gangs has caused severe problems for the citizens. In Dec 2006, the country's president President Felipe Calderon launched a war against these drug cartels and part of the initiative was an extradition treaty with the US. Since then thousands of Mexican troups are deployed in the battle against the drug cartels. Despite these active operations the violence and death toll is on the rise. Reports indicate that in 2007 alone more than 2500 people were killed in violence perpetuated by these drug cartels and the number rose to more than 4000 for the year 2008 [Stephanie Hanson] and 5800 in 2009, [Bernd Debussman] giving us a indication of the alarming situation and the dangers for Mexican citizens."

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