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Men and Eating Disorders
A review of the research on eating disorders as they relate to men.
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The paper reveals the research that demonstrates the direct correlation between homosexuality and bisexuality and the prevalence of eating disorders in men. The paper also shows how within this population, a history of childhood sexual abuse further augments the problem by increasing the likelihood of eating disorders. The paper then looks at the results of a study on eating disorders in South African men that illustrates how race and the country of origin does not seem to affect eating disorders.

Eating Disorders and Males
The Relevance of Eating Disorders to Homosexuality
Eating Disorders and South African Men

From the Paper:

"The problem of eating disorders is a phenomenon in modern culture due to a wide variety of reasons. The emotions of individuals are influenced by a number of pressures, with the media providing external pressure to fulfill cultural gender images, as communicated through television, movies, and advertisements. The images which are presented, often of thin individuals, are often linked to the way in which individuals evaluate their physical appearances and themselves. (Polce-Lynch et. al.) Regardless of the influence, it is a fact that in America today there is considerable pressure upon both men and women alike to maintain a "thin" image and body-composition. This pressure and desire to be thin at times results in eating disorders. These disorders will be explored as they relate to men, with the variables of homosexuality alongside race introduced to show the varying iterations of eating disorders within these populations."

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