Megan's Law - Public Notification and Sex Offenders Term Paper by Nicky

Megan's Law - Public Notification and Sex Offenders
An assessment of Megan's Law.
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This paper presents an analysis of Megan's Law, which requires that every state must develop and implement processes which will facilitate public notification when a sex offender is released into the community. The paper describes the law, citing its major components in a bulletted list.. Then, it explains why the law was created and how it is intended to deter sex offenders from committing crimes. Additionally, the paper examines criticism of the law, which is based on issues relating to human rights and privacy. The paper concludes by stating that while there are human rights concerns to consider in certain circumstances, what is of paramount importance is that children should be protected from these criminals.

From the Paper:

"The requirements of this law raise a number of important issues relating to human rights and privacy. These include the important issue of whether the sex offender should be further persecuted after he has served his sentence and paid his debt to society. One point of view is that these crimes are considered by many to be of such a heinous and damaging nature that normal human rights are not applicable to these offenses and that they should continually monitored and be recognizable by the public to prevent further crimes. In other words, while the sex offender has in theory the same right as other criminals who have paid their debt to society to be free of prejudice and harassment, it is felt by many pundits that these offenders constitute a special category and that the nature of their crimes requires greater surveillance and tracking after release from custody.
"This point of view is supported by the finding that many sexual offenders often repeat their crimes even after lengthy periods of incarceration. Therefore, the central argument given in many studies for the existence and continuation of this law, especially against children, is that it goes the very moral and ethical heart of contemporary society. This point of view is clearly expressed in the following assessment of the significance of these crimes."

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