Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: A Critique Term Paper by scribbler

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: A Critique
A self-assessment and critique of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory.
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Published on Mar 24, 2013 in Psychology (Theory)

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This paper provides a self-assessment of Maslow's hierarchy of needs model from a personal standpoint, and points out that the model assumes a single role yet does not take into account the many roles that people have in their lives. The paper then provides a general critique of Maslow's theory and explains how in many respects, this author's own experiences reflect the criticisms and shortcomings of the model in general.

Critique of Maslow's Theory

From the Paper:

"Speaking personally, the majority of the time the Esteem and Love or Belonging layers of the model is where the majority of my time and efforts are spent. The lower two levels of physiological and safety needs are met continually, which frees up time and energy to concentrate on Esteem and more specifically, the accomplishment of goals. Goals and the attainment of them are vitally important to me, because in reaching them I sense I am attending self-actualization. To be specific, the striving to attain goals is what makes the process of traversing esteem to self-actualization so rewarding.
"Yet one's life is not entirely defined by just goal attainment and accomplishment. From a self-awareness standpoint, the need for affiliation and relevancy is very strong and puts accomplishment into context. Pure accomplishment outside of the context of affiliation and the serving of others is at times empty and lacking in meaning. Striving to attain self-actualization not just for personal aggrandizement or glory, but instead of also help others I care about get to their goals is also a critical need I have. I hope to get to a self-actualized state in my career and interests so I can lift up and help those I love to get to their best possible levels of living too, as defined by the Maslow hierarchy of needs."

Sample of Sources Used:

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