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Masculinities in Advertising
An analysis of the role that masculinity plays in television beer commercials throughout the Western world.
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This paper questions whether feminism has contributed to a crisis of masculinity. It also questions if feminism has failed to bring its goals to the wider populace. In order to address these questions, the paper analyzes the role that masculinity plays in television beer commercials throughout the Western world. It shows how contemporary advertising - one of the key tools of globalization - works to re-enforce gender stereotypes and thus refers to a supposed ongoing crisis in masculinity - and gender performance in general.

From the Paper:

"While it is interesting to note that beer commercials effectively enforce stereotypical notions of gender through performance, it could also be said that such forms of enforcement effectively point to a wider crisis in masculinity that feminism has helped bring about. Television commercials present an ideal world, one that is highly desirable to the average consumer. They present a world in which men are always masculine in a way that they no longer really are in the real world. Masculinity - and the performance of it - therefore becomes a sort of caricature. Alongside these depictions, stereotypical performances of femininity are also brought in as a means of re-enforcing the notion of the masculine being depicted on screen. In real life, men are not always so "masculine," nor are women always so "feminine" - each human being is a little bit of both. When we acknowledge this fact, we are naturally confused, owing to the normative ways in which society conditions us to perceive gender. Beer commercials thus help to erase a lot of that confusion - and, in their presentation of a fully normalized, ideal world, they make the product they are offering seem even more desirable than it would otherwise."

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