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Marx- Historical Materialism
An overview of the works and thoughts of Karl Marx.
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Published on May 20, 2013 in Political Science (Marx / Engels)

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This paper discusses the theories of Karl Marx, describing him as one of the most influential political and social philosophers of the 19th century. It explains his views on history, capitalism and the definition of the class system. It also mentions the works that he wrote together with Freidrich Engels.

From the Paper:

''For Marx, capitalism is an economic system in which the factories (the so-called means of production and distribution) were owned by private individuals or individuals banded together as a company. The reason for this ownership was simple - accumulation of wealth and profit. Over time (history) capitalism has progressed through several stages, arriving after the Industrial Revolution at a more mature state of exploitation. However, Marx also believed that capitalism, by its very nature, had a particular philosophical bent. This was driven by a continual need for more and more profit, global expansion (for more resources - human and otherwise), and a single-minded determination to exploit the physical and human environment.
''One of the earliest pure forms of capitalism was feudalism. Feudalism, of course, was based on the relationship between the land owning Lord, the military Knight, and the peasant serfs (slaves) who worked the land and paid tribute to the land owner. This form of economic society had one group (Lords) owning huge amounts of land (and therefore profits. Only certain people could practice certain trades, and the system controlled production, distribution with a cultural and social hierarchy.''

Sample of Sources Used:

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